All portraits are priced by panel size. The panels are reinforced with 1" pine trim. This creates a shallow "box" which allows the painting to hang easily on a nail in the wall before (or without) framing. The edges are painted to create a finished appearance.

Source Photos

I prefer to work from my own photos.  This allows me to do a photo study of the subject and develop a relationship, Exceptions can be made for vintage photographs, age progressions, and long-distance projects.

Two photo shoots are included in the price.  There is no discount if you supply the photo, as this presents a challenge of it's own.  Additional photo shoot cost is $25/hour.

Photo shoots may take place in any location with good natural light agreed upon by the artist and subject.  Finding a comfortable setting for the subject is key.

things to think about

Most people who are interested in portraits have an idea of where they might hang in their house (the size and shape) and what they envision (the color and mood).  Please share this with me!  I aim to please and the more information we can exchange, the more incredible the outcome will be.

timeline and framing

Projects take an average of 3 months from start (photographs) to delivery/pick-up.

The oil paint actually takes 6-12 months to cure completely.  At this time, you may return the painting to me so I may apply a finish to the surface of the painting.  This eliminates any variations in surface texture.  It is advisable to wait until the finish is applied and dry (24 hours) to frame the painting.