Commissions and Collections

Joy and Aaron Bannon, Lander, WY

Rachael Elise and Drew Barton, Boise, ID

Eva Baristow, Stow, MA

Keller Boucher, Laramie, WY

Aileen Brew and Gary Wilmot, Lander, WY

Anna Brownsted, Laramie, WY

Rebecca Butler, Austin, TX

Belinda Chatman, Montana, USA

Wendi Chatman, Laramie, WY

Brad Christensen, Lander, WY

Gina Colovich, Lander, WY

Alex Delong, Lander, WY

Cousin Delong, Michigan

Shelley Donaho, St. Louis, MO

Bobbie Sue Edwards, Dallas, TX

Tiffany Edwards, Hawaii, USA

Michelle Escudero and Scott Kane, Lander, WY

Wendy Gebhart, Lander, WY

Andy Gramlich and Jackie Nelson, Lander, WY

Stephanie and Kevin Grover, Houston, TX

Susan and Ben Gose, Lander, WY

Ali Grossman, Laramie, WY

Bettina Haper, San Antonio, TX

Mary Haper, Houston, TX

Pat and Rich Hardt, Riverton, WY

Cindy Jessen, Cheyenne, WY

Richelle Keinath, Laramie, WY


Mike and Suzanne Lilygren, Lander, WY

Lisa and Tony Lowham, Lander, WY

Hugh and Isabelle Lowham, Lander, WY

Susan Meeker, Lander, WY

Sophie Mosemann, Lander, WY

Licia O’Neil, Chicago, IL

Claire Pearse, Houston, TX

Gay Phinny, Santa Monica, CA

Patty Pickering, Ft. Collins, CO

Lennie Poitras, Lander, WY

Pleasures Tattoo Parlor, Laramie, WY

Annie Reber, Lander, WY

Roger and Janet Redding, Ft. Worth, TX

Trudie Redding, Austin, TX

Shawn and Aimee Reese, Cheyenne, WY

Jagoe Reid, Lander, WY

Erin Ruppert, Laramie, WY

Amy Russian, Lander, WY

Mike and Chantel Sanchez, Lander, WY

Ticia Shelton, Laramie, WY

Amy Skinner, Lander, WY

Tex and Rebecca Taylor, Laramie, WY

Tom and Amy Thurow, Laramie, WY

University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

Chelsea Walther, Boise, ID

Jeannie Walther, Boise, ID

Trey Warren, Lander, WY

Brendon Weaver, Lander, WY
Josh Wells and Sylvia Carl, Lander, WY

Wyoming Children’s Museum, Laramie, WY


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